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Manage speaker list

Learn how to manage speakers and the list of speakers.

To access the list of speakers, you first need to be in administrator view. Each matter has a list of speakers that you can access by:

  1. In the navigation menu on the left, select the matter.
  2. Click the List of Speakers tab.

To add a participant, you need to enter the delegate number in the field and tap add.

To remove a speaker from the speaker list, you need to click the red button on the far right that corresponds to the speaker you want to remove.

You can change the order of speakers by clicking and dragging a line down or up.

By clicking the circle under the "speech in progress column", you select a participant to be an active speaker.

When a delegate carries out a response the previous speaker's speech allows meeting administrators and meeting leaders to assign a reply line to the previous speaker. That is, a response to the previous response. This is done by clicking on the "response" icon response" that becomes available when a response is active. In the dialog box, click OK to confirm. Note that students can request a reply line themselves if they have rights to it.

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