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Absences and leave

Learn how you can manually regulate absences and leave.

In the absence section, you can add and remove attendees from the absence list. To access the absence section, you need to be in admin view.

To add participant to the absence list:

  1. Click the absence button.
  2. Enter the delegate number and add any comment.
  3. Tap Add.

The delegate is now absent and cannot vote as long as he or she is on the list.

To remove participant from the absence list:

  1. Click the absence button.
  2. Press the red button at the far right of the absence list that corresponds to the attendee you want to mark as present again.

In the navigation panel on the left, you can see which attendees are absent from which section.

Under absence history, you can see when delegates left and returned to the meeting, as well as read any comment.

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