New proposal view

In this article, we'll go over some new features released for GoPlenum. Special focus on how to use the new suggestion boxes.

New suggestion boxes make it clearer to view modified text.

Today we released an update to GoPlenum that allows you to split your descriptions of proposalinto several parts. The idea is to make proposalmore visible for changes to statutes or other text. For example, changing a policy.

The different parts are:

Proposal description - This box is always used in a proposal. This is where you type in and describe what your proposalis about and is the primary text that is displayed to participants and on the big screen.

Existing text - In this box you enter the text that already exists in a document, for example a policy.

New text - This is where you enter the text that is intended to replace the existing text, if the proposalis approved in a vote.

As an administrator, you can add text to the boxes in different ways.

  1. By going to the proposal listunder "Editing" and adding a new matter. By default, the proposal description is displayed. By clicking on the additional options, the existing text and new text boxes will become visible.
  2. Click on the "Meeting" tab, select a matterfrom the agenda list, and click on "Add new proposal". Again, the proposal description is displayed by default and clicking on additional options will make the existing text and new text boxes visible.
Administrators can add text to the various boxes by going to edit > proposal> add new proposaland clicking on additional options.
Admin can also display the new texts on the big screen in the same way as before. Only the boxes that are filled in will be displayed on the big screen.

As a delegate, you can add text to the boxes by:

  1. Click on "submit new proposal"
  2. Fill in the proposal description. By pressing "additional options", the participantcan fill in the "existing text" and "new text" boxes.
Delegates can view the different texts directly in their device.
By pressing additional options, a delegate can add text to the new boxes when submitting a proposal.

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