GoPlenum 5.3.0 Release note

This release includes a couple of new features for global administrators and meeting administrators, but contains mostly minor changes for better user experience.

2 New features

2.1 Global Administrator

2.1.1 Meeting Setting - Show Line Number

Now there is a setting at the meeting where you can set whether participants can register line numbers on their proposal or not. If this setting is disabled, line numbers will also be hidden in the places in GoPlenum where they are otherwise visible. If you choose to disable line numbers during the meeting, existing line numbers will be hidden, not deleted, so you can turn on and off without losing any data.

Meeting setting "Show line number"

2.2 Meeting Administrator

2.2.1. The Chairman may have a participant number

Participants with the "Chairman" right can now have a participant number and participate in the roll call. Once these participants have started a roll call, they will have access to the roll call code via a button on the pop-up box. The participant number must be unique if you choose to have one.

Participants with the "Chairman"-right can now be assigned participant numbers.
On roll call, the chairman with the participant number has the opportunity to click the roll call code via a button in the right corner of the pop-up box.

2.2.2 New type of item and option — Multi-proposal selection

Now there is the opportunity to create a matter that works just like an open list vote. It is possible to set the proposal A vs. B vs. C.

Meeting administrator creating a new matter with case type "Multi-proposal selection"

3 Changes

3.1 New personal/multi-suggestion selections are created with sample data

When creating a new matter sample data is now automatically created and added to the the matter. These can then be changed as before.

Sample data autogenerated when creating a matter with matter type "open list".

Sample data autogenerated when creating a matter with the matter type multi-proposal.

3.2. All active speakers are highlighted

Previously, only the main speaker's name appeared in the "Right-now" field. Now the name of the active speaker is always displayed regardless if that person is responding to a previous speaker or if he/she was the first person to speak.

3.3 Limitation of the possibility of removing oneself from the speakers list.

A speaker cannot remove himself from the speakers' list if the talking point is associated with a proposal. All talking points that are not connected to a proposal can be removed from the speakers' list.

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